Fuerza (aseptic femoral head necrosis)



Yesterday I fed them salmon with herring, which is very fishy and they said that some cats have problems with it. But the three of them jumped at it as usual and today I fed them the lamb and heart variety in the evening. There are actually whole hearts inside. I am thrilled. My little carrot normally eats for a very long time, goes away, comes back, eats some more and then leaves some, but since Anifit she no longer does that. Now she always eats everything straight away. Which is relaxing for me, as I used to have to sit there and chase the other two away (because they had already eaten theirs) until Carrot came back.

I told them about Fuerza at the fair, she has bilateral aseptic femoral head necrosis and therefore cannot walk with her hind legs and has to be swaddled. She often had digestive problems. First her tummy got fat and she got flatulence and constipation and after a few days it all came out as diarrhoea spread over several days. This has stopped and I am very pleased. She only had a tummy because of the change of food, but no constipation and now everything is fine. No more diarrhoea or constipation. This really shows me the good quality and we have never had this condition since I adopted her last May.

Schnuffi is very picky and doesn't eat everything, but she's a glutton and although she doesn't get any more than the others, she's a chub. She's just that way inclined. But she also eats everything with enthusiasm and of course I now only buy Anifit. I have now also fed her the leftover food from the old varieties and am happy that I can now feed my cats conscientiously. Unfortunately, my mum's cats didn't want to know anything about it. I gave them Puterich's Delight as a trial, but they ran away. But I had already told them that they simply don't eat anything and only eat outside. They just don't want any food, only treats from time to time. But you can't see through the fur noses.

Silke T. from Cologne

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