Finja (underweight)


Dear Anifit Team,

This is my Finja, a black Labradoodle dog. She is now 5 years old and I have my friend and Anifit consultant Anja Beyers to thank for the fact that she has been eating Anifit for 3 years. She first showed me why her muzzle hair had turned orange and that I had been feeding her far too little of what I had previously bought from the supermarket. She weighed 17kg at the time, which I thought was completely normal as I also keep a close eye on my figure. However, her poops were enormous, which annoyed me as I had to bag a lot. My friend showed me Finja's problems. Her hips were sticking out a little, her ribs were moulded into her body and there was a hole at the base of her tail. I was very ashamed, but delighted that this would now change. Today she weighs an amazing 22 kg and is still slim. The poo has become easier to bag. There is not a single defect to be seen.

I would like to thank her and Anifit from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for being here!"

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