Finally a shiny coat again!

Dear Anifit team,

We got to know AniFit through our groomer and current consultant. She told us about AniFit on her first visit. She said that Luke's coat was dull and that our dog was a bit chubby. After a while we decided to feed him AniFit and lo and behold, his coat (which we thought was soft and beautiful) has become even softer and shinier. It is much easier to comb and tangles can be brushed out. (Luke had always had a lot of flatulence. He no longer has this, his faeces don't smell and his consistency is great. I also got a great figure.
Luke is always delighted with his food and doesn't want anything else
We would never have thought that these things could be due to the food, as we assumed that we were feeding good food.

Thank you to our consultant for enlightening us!

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