Fabia loves the chicken hearts

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am happy to give you the following feedback on your products. I and especially my husky dog Fabia are delighted to receive recognition, because I am investing in her favourite treats and food from Anivit again.

But first things first:

1st dog
Ferrara FABIA from Snowdog Farm, a 12-year-old sterilised female, is a real purebred husky lady: female, beautiful, stubborn and dominant.

Unfortunately, she is understandably getting a bit old at the age of 12, which means that she no longer runs, but rather walks her 3 - 5 kilometres every day with dignity.

But if something interests or motivates her, she is suddenly very quick and gone like the proverbial sausage from the cabbage. My wife calls me almost every other day to say that she (the Fabia) has gone again and that I should come round (as soon as possible, of course).

Of course, she makes a crucial mistake: she takes a maximum of two chicken hearts with her.

Chicken hearts, which she loves, are a great way to motivate Fabia and then she follows along wonderfully. I consume at least 6-9 chicken hearts per walk. What's more, we live on the 2nd floor without a lift. Without chicken hearts it's a miserable crawl up the stairs, with 1 chicken heart per landing it's a joyful hop up.

Then there's food, because you don't treat yourself to anything else.

All in all, Anifit is a real hit, a daily highlight and motivation.

Unfortunately, the chicken hearts, for example, are very often sold out, as is currently the case. Please produce more, thank you

All in all, since Anifit was thankfully recommended to me (cheers to the Stiftskeller in Admont and Verena), the Fabia is doing much better. CHICKEN HEART DEPRESSION DOES NOT HURT HER AT ALL (see above request for increased production)

Kind regards and a big woof from Fabia (happy dog when Anifit)

Kämpf Hans

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