Experience report from a breeder

Elke Kraemer

"What do I feed my dog?" This is a question that millions of pet owners ask themselves. But the right question would be "How do I feed my pet appropriately?"!

Every pet food manufacturer claims to have "the best food". Some claim that dry food is the healthiest solution, others swear by barfing and still others swear by their wet food. So how do I do it right? We all want the best for our four-legged friends. How can you find your way through the huge range of products on offer with all their perfect marketing strategies?

A dear friend once said to me: "Just switch on your common sense!" She is Austrian and I just love this expression. It's an expression that I like to use in my consultations because it's so true.

When we switch on our brains, we quickly realise that our dogs are descended from wolves and are carnivores. They were domesticated over fifteen thousand years ago - a short period of time in the course of evolution, which in the case of canids took around ten million years, during which the anatomical and physiological characteristics of a species developed. Even if the appearance of the dog has changed significantly compared to its ancestor and we are able to create small or large dogs, dogs with long or short or curly hair, or with thick or narrow heads through breeding. However, one thing has always remained unchanged, namely the physiological characteristics that define the species, in particular the digestive tract.

We should therefore stay as close to the prey as possible, as this provides our dog with all the nutrients it needs.

I have been breeding dogs for almost 20 years. For many years I prepared the food rations for my animals myself because none of the suppliers could fulfil my high nutritional requirements. It was a very time-consuming process because I had to calculate the nutritional requirements and ration design myself.

Today it's easier and safer. I got to know Anifit in 2001. A species-appropriate food that could fulfil my requirements. I have been feeding my dogs and puppies with Anifit pet food for almost 14 years now and have hung up my calculator again :-)

When my puppy buyers ask me the question: Mrs Kraemer what should I feed? I want my little one(s) to be well, thank goodness I can recommend Anifit. Because Anifit contains everything that is necessary for the growth phase and development in terms of nutrition.

Because one thing is CERTAIN: nutrition-related rearing mistakes can NEVER BE made good!!!! Deficits or even overfeeding cause or favour serious illnesses. That's why I can only recommend this: Do not compromise on feeding. Don't be fooled by the industry - even my poodles are little wolves :-) and don't need special poodle food.

Over a decade of breeding healthy, happy animals is proof enough for me.

I wish you much joy with your four-legged friend and a long and happy life together.

Yours, Elke Kraemer

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