Dear ANIfit and RyDog team,

Our dogs (Roja & Raja) and we (Laura & Marco) would like to express our deepest THANKS to you. We are not only grateful, but have found our inner peace with your food.

Our Roja is particularly grateful. She was poisoned a few years ago and has had very bad intestinal problems ever since. :(

She kept having diarrhoea with blood in her faeces and wasn't as fit as she used to be... We tried so much and didn't get the help we wanted from the vets.

It was very exhausting to find out what is supposed to be the very best for our dogs. Unfortunately, there is far too much bad food out there and most of them just want to sell something so that they can profit from it - and not the dogs...

We came across you a few months ago. We were very impressed by your description and the quality of the meat. That gave us some hope again and we ordered straight away!

After a few weeks we noticed how fit and happy our Roja was again and how well her coat was growing. Raja felt like she was running even faster than usual. :D

We can't even describe how happy this makes us right now!

Roja's faeces have greatly improved now that we have also found the right type of meat (goat and horse): this mixed with vegetables and oat bran results in the perfect dog meal with enough! good! meat and yet also fibre. The advantage with you: you have a lot of choice and can customise it to your dog.

That briefly summarises our history with our dogs.

Then this morning we decided: EVERYONE HAS TO EXPERIENCE THIS!

And because we know how difficult it is to find the right food, we want to make your brand known to more dog owners and sell your products. People who are like us, who want to hear honest stories and want real quality for their dogs.

We are currently building up our independence. There we are focussing on human health. We offer yoga, barefoot school, fitness and mental coaching.

Everything is still in its infancy, but we have a vision and want to help people with our ideas. And thanks to you, we can now help other dogs too.

Our website: https://lamas-lifebalance.de

Instagram: lamaslifebalance

We look forward to your feedback!


Roja, Raja, Marco & Laura

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