Enzymes against tartar

I actually wanted to do something for my body and as I was aware of the effects of enzymes, I started taking them daily.

Apart from the fact that amazingly a lot was happening in my body, among other things it was clearly recognisable that a detoxification was beginning, I noticed after just a few days that my tartar, which was always slightly present (in the lower tooth area behind the front teeth), was literally crumbling away.

At my next visit to the dentist, my dentist was amazed at the disappearance of the tartar and asked if I had had my teeth cleaned in the meantime. I hadn't!

I started telling my friends and acquaintances about it and all those who now take Pro Dynamo not only enjoy the good properties of the enzymes for their physical well-being but also the wonderful side effect of dissolving tartar :-)

As I am keen to experiment and know a lot of people whose animals have tartar problems and some even have their tartar removed once a year under general anaesthetic, I did a test and recommended that a customer rub Pro Dynamo into his dog's teeth.

He has a large greyhound, got Pro Dynamo and started massaging the dog's teeth daily with a Pro Dynamo-soaked finger ring and lo and behold, the result was amazing, the tartar dissolved completely. :-)

However, this only works if there is a basic trust between dog and master as the Pro Dynamo is not really tasty.

Stella Zurheiden, 9/2014, Tasdorf

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