Enzyme booster





Dear Anifit Team,

This is our Khan, a 4.5 year old German Shepherd. Six months ago we were diagnosed with exotrine pancreatic insufficiency. Until then he was absolutely mobile, had a shiny coat and was always up to mischief. At 70 cm tall, he weighed a whopping 47 kg. Today he is only a shadow of his former self and has lost 12 kg. He had constant diarrhoea and yellow faeces. A medical marathon began. We have now been to three doctors and had four different enzymes. From human medicine to veterinary medicine and back again. None of them helped. Until we tried the enzyme booster from Anifit. Since then, the guy has been feeling better from one day to the next! Khan has put on 1.5 kg within a week!

Before he fell ill, I used to feed him. Now I cook for him. In case I'm not available, we have Gockels Duett in the cupboard, which he tolerates really well and, above all, loves to eat!

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