Enni is crazy about Anifit

Dear team,

I've been feeding AniFit for a few months now and she really likes it.

I find that the food doesn't smell as bad as many other types of wet food. I find this very positive, as it means that the whole room doesn't smell of food if Enni has left some out for a change. So far I have tried 3 varieties, but I will also try others. I have the feeling that her faeces have become even better and her coat looks even nicer. It is shinier and has also become smoother. I also have the feeling that it doesn't give her flatulence like other wet foods or treats sometimes do.

I also ordered the Advent calendar for Enni in December. She waited for the treats every day and literally begged for them. I think she found them extremely tasty.

I will continue to feed AniFit because I am completely satisfied as the owner and Enni simply loves it.

Lg Andrea Georgs, Enni's mistress

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