Elvis (strengthened immune system)





Hello Anifitteam,

Our Elvis, a Bordeaux bulldog, is now 2 years old and has been eating Anifit for a good six months. Previously he was given dry food and sometimes a tin. Everything was wonderful. Until suddenly his health deteriorated. Elvis, still young, ate everything he could from the street - including sheep faeces. To his and our dismay, he had caught giardia because the sheep had not been properly wormed. Not bad enough, his immune system had also deteriorated as a result. Firstly due to antibiotics, which caused him to have epileptic fits that had to be treated with medication. Then through the panacure (for giardia) in combination with dry food, he was now a favourite food for all parasites. Fleas and mites made his life difficult. My husband met a woman from time to time who gave him advice and finally gave him a large tin from her food supply so that Elvis could give it a try. A few weeks later, I contacted her via a neighbour here in the village who knew her personally. After a detailed consultation, we realised that we had to change something. Today, we are glad that we dared to make the change. We only want the best for our Elvis and that's what we now have. We are now phasing out the medication for epileptic seizures. After further advice from Mrs Beyers, we will soon be trying the taurine powder.

The Hülsberg family from Duisburg-Friemersheim

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