Elvis (overweight)


Dear Anifit Team,

My dog actually has legs!

I was able to rescue my purebred pug dog Elvis 2.5 months ago from a very bad home. He was far too fat, shedding and smelled funny. In the past he had only been fed dry dog food, rice and potatoes.

After opening the first tin of Anifit, he pounced on the full bowl without hesitation and this has not changed to this day.

After only 2.5 months of Anifit, I noticed the following change: Elvis visibly lost weight - from 10.5 to now 8.8 kilos, his hair became softer / more delicate and his odour improved. He can breathe better and no longer pants so hard, and he no longer snores. The regular exercise with less weight is great for him. And as you can see - he even has legs.

Thank you very much for your good product!


Tanja Ferring

June 2012

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