Digestion back to normal

Dear AniFit Team,

We gave AniFit a try and were pleasantly surprised! Although the food has a relatively high price, it is really worth it.

Mr Jiggles tolerated the food really well and thanks to the high meat content of your food, he no longer has any digestive problems as this is normally a very big problem for him.

What's more, our little Coco has finally finished her bowl - and that's saying something for her ;) Another plus point is the fact that AniFit contains no grain, which is very important to us. What we also liked is that the food doesn't have such a penetrating and extreme odour - so the whole house doesn't smell of cat food! :)

We have the all-round feeling that we have made a good decision with Anifit, which is why we recommend this brand often and with a clear conscience; and will continue to buy our food from you.

Kind regards
Mister Jiggles , Coco , Meoemy and Pawpa

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