Completely satisfied!



These are our two mice Carlos and Paulchen!

We have been feeding Anifit for about 1 1/2 years now and are completely satisfied with it and of course so are our two mice.
After just a short time we have already noticed a huge improvement: Their coats became very shiny and very soft. Their faeces and the smell of their urine also became much better, it no longer smelled so strong and their digestion was stimulated more by Anifit. We noticed this when we found some leftovers from our old food and fed it to them, and their faeces and urine immediately smelled very strong again, so we made a big mistake and have only given them Anifit😊 since then.
You should really take a sensible look at what's in the "normal" food....echt gruselig
So big praise to Anifit and its carers, keep it up👍

Greetings Gela and Detlef
And of course from Carlos and Paulchen 😻

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