Clear recommendation for Ani-Zeck

Dear Ani Fit Team,

We have two Labradors and live in an absolute tick area. We've tried a few other tick repellents before but haven't been really impressed with any of them. Before we tried the Ani Tick Spray, our two dogs had about ten ticks a day between them. We have now been using it for about three weeks and have noticed a significant reduction in ticks. During our "test phase" we also had days with a lot of rain, i.e. it wasn't as hot and dry as last year. They didn't disappear completely, but that was almost clear to us. We are happy that the Ani tick spray works so well. It does smell a bit strange at first, but you soon get used to it. The chemical alternative from the vet was not an option for us. We try to feed our furry friends a natural and species-appropriate diet (BARF) and were therefore looking for a chemical-free and natural tick control product. And we found it. A clear recommendation for other four-legged friends who also suffer from the annoying beasts.

Best regards

Katrin H.

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