Change of feed with carrot flakes

Dear Anifit team,

When I first became interested in species-appropriate, tasty and healthy dog food, I came across Anifit on the Internet. I received competent, friendly and quick advice from a member of their food advice team. I had quite a few questions as Lucy, my nine-week-old Chihuahua puppy at the time, was my first dog. She came to me and had previously only been fed dry food. I didn't know how to change her food properly. I just wanted to get away from the dry food quickly and feed her good wet food. The advice was very detailed, well described and easy to implement. Lucy likes her wet food so much that I now feel compelled to order her an anti-snack bowl. I mix the Anifit carrot flakes into her food every day. They are first soaked briefly in boiled water and then simply stirred into the wet food. The food smells delicious, tastes great to her, she is a bright, healthy young dog who loves her food. She has a shiny coat, good digestion and is developing very well. Lucy and I are very enthusiastic about Anifit and can only recommend it to others. The carrot flakes, which are pre-processed so that they can be utilised by the dog's intestines, have helped us a lot with the change of food.

LG from Steffi with Lucy

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