Blue (digestive problems)





Dear Anifit team,

I have been feeding my little French Bulldog Blue with Anifit for almost 2 years now. I learnt about this food and its positive effects from a friend. Before that I fed dry food as this was recommended to me by the breeder. Until then I had never thought about the food. However, Blue was already a little overweight at the age of one and often had problems with digestion.
When I started feeding Anifit and listened to the advice of my Anifit consultant, I could almost see Blue gaining his ideal weight and becoming a real sportsman. He has developed into a little muscle pack and fortunately no longer has any digestive problems. He has a very sensitive digestive tract, but the species-appropriate diet with Anifit food doesn't seem to cause this problem.
I will buy Anifit again and again and am glad that my little Blue has become such a beautiful and healthy dog.

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