Better digestion

Our two cats have been eating Anifit wet cat food for 8 weeks now.

Their favourite flavours are: "Fish la mode 200g" and "Naurilus ragout".

The coat is nicer, shinier and the cats are much more agile.

The food is very well tolerated and there were no problems with the changeover. We tried the complete changeover straight away without adding the old food first.

Our cat in particular, who has a sensitive stomach and often has to deal with diarrhoea and vomiting, has had no more problems since then. The cats also stay full for longer. They used to both come in at lunchtime and want food again because they were hungry again.

The "poo" has a firm consistency, has become much smaller and is much less smelly.

The hearts as treats are also very well accepted and given as a reward.

We will definitely stick with the food, because the health of our "boys" is very important to us

Best regards
Beatrix Broich

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