Bella (shiny coat)





Dear Anifit Team,

Bella was born on 23 February 2011 and is a black Labrador bitch. For the first few months, Bella was fed dry food. However, after I, as her owner, familiarised myself with the ingredients and compatibility, I realised that the food was not as good as the saleswoman in the pet shop had told me. That's how I came across Anifit. What has changed since Bella started eating Anifit? Apart from the fact that she is totally happy when she hears the word food or hunger (not unusual for a Labi) Bella's coat is shinier. In addition, she now only does her big business a maximum of twice a day. Previously it was between three and five times a day. It's especially fun when Bella's friend Lotte (a small mongrel dog) comes to visit. She is fed with dry food. When it's feeding time for the carnivores, Lotte would love to eat both bowls and it's a challenge for Lotte not to eat Bella's food too, because she always empties her bowl three times as quickly as Bella! But Bella already has a healthy eating behaviour! As a dog owner, it gives me great pleasure to see that my dog can have so much fun eating and I can feed it with a clear conscience, as Anifit only contains healthy and, compared to other food, high-quality ingredients!

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