Baloo and the wet food

Dear Anifit team,

My customer feedback from my experience, I was initially a little unsure about wet food or food in general, my Balu didn't really want to eat wet food and was therefore only given dry food, which caused him to put on a lot of weight. I was then contacted by my consultant and we found the perfect solution. She sent me a few tins to try out and I was so happy. When I tried the food on Baloo, I couldn't stop him, he wanted to eat even more, which he had never done before. I then wrote to my consultant to find out why he was eating it so well. It was because of the high meat content, which Baloo liked very much, plus he tolerated it really well and didn't really want to look at the dry food any more. I would like to continue ordering from Anifit because I have finally found the right food for my dog, which is very good, tastes good and he tolerates it really well. It's great that Anifit exists!

Best regards
Rebecca Jansen

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