Aika (diarrhoea)




Dear Anifit team,

My dog "Aika" was about 2 years old and had repeated allergic reactions to various foods. She often had unmotivated severe diarrhoea and as she begged everyone and picked up everything else she could eat, it was difficult to find the cause. In the summer of 2012, I happened to meet an "Anifit nutritionist" with her dog on a walk. We got talking about the animals and when I told her about my problems with my "Aika", she managed to convince me to change my dog's diet. Aika had previously been fed dry food. Since then she has only been fed wet food with flakes from the company "Anifit" mixed in. My experiences with the Anifit products have been extremely positive over the past 3 years or so. Aika's digestion has normalised and she is a healthy and lively dog.

Yours, Jürgen Meyer from Krefeld

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