Agile through Anifit

Dear team,

My two young tomcats Grey and Romeo moved in with us in August 2018 at the age of 14 weeks. They were given Anifit right from the start and are characterised by their incredible agility. Of course, I have no comparison with other food, but what's really great is that they don't shed at all and have an incredibly silky, shiny coat.

They love their food and the stinginess that you always hear from other cat owners doesn't exist here. They always eat everything straight away. We feed them five portions a day under supervision so that everyone really gets their share and not just one cat gets everything ;)

Since the two of them have joined us and we have a multi-cat household, I am even happier about using the pine litter.

Ecological, can be disposed of in the toilet or compost, very economical, strongly odour-binding and what I also find important: In contrast to concrete litter, the litter does not leave scratches on sensitive floors.

The absolute highlight of the treats are the spikey fish!

Due to their size and texture, Picco Linas are well suited for filling the fumble boards, but because of the composition I prefer to use Picco Train for this and cut them with a knife, as they are a bit big for cats. That works too.

I no longer want to feed any other food or use any other litter.

Kind regards
Anke Roski

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