Species-appropriate food is the basis for a healthy dog!


Unfortunately, we only found this out very late!

My Labrador Simba (12 years old) started refusing her food and we couldn't explain why. We tried all kinds of dry food, sought advice from the vet, but there was no improvement. Then we came across Anifit by chance and after a very nice 2-hour consultation I realised why our dog no longer liked her food. There were a lot of artificial ingredients in our dry food, nothing natural. No wonder I thought, I wouldn't eat that either.

When we switched to Anifit, our dog enjoyed eating again and had more zest for life. Thanks to the new food, we were able to adjust her weight so that she had fewer problems with her HD and osteoarthritis. Even her allergies have improved, they are not gone but they are better. You can't expect more when you've been feeding worthless food for so long, which is enough to survive but doesn't contribute to maintaining lifelong animal health. Simba is now 14 years old and is still a contented, lively and fun-loving old lady dog who gives us a lot of pleasure. In the meantime, I have done a lot of research into dog nutrition and have even considered BARF. However, Anifit is the ideal solution for us as it comes very close to BARF, it smells good for us humans too, 100% good ingredients for the dog, you can take it with you on holiday thanks to the tins, it's easy to handle and the dog likes it. It's a shame that we came across Anifit so late, I would have liked to have always been able to offer my dog a healthy diet.

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