Chicken soup To increase fluid intake

Chicken soup 80g (1 Piece)
Chicken soup 80g (1 Piece)
Chicken soup 80g (1 Piece)
1 Piece, 80g
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A delicious soup with a fine chicken heart is a simple way to entice dogs and cats to take in fluids.

The daily fluid requirement of dogs and cats is about 50 - 70 ml per kilo of body weight. With the daily meals (more with wet food, less with dry food) a part of the liquid requirement is already covered.Sufficient (but not too much) fluid is especially important for the kidneys to perform their filtering function.


Mix with warm water and allow to thicken for five minutes. For 6 grams of product (= approx. 2 heaped teaspoons) use approx. 100 ml of water.



92% freeze-dried chicken hearts, organic guar gum, salt

Analytical components

40% protein, 43% fat content, 1% crude fiber, 5% crude ash.

Feeding recommendation

Feeding recommendation:

To increase the animal's fluid intake, feed as needed.
Can be served individually as a soup or mixed in small quantities with the main diet.


Supplementary food for dogs and cats
Can with 80g