Dear Anifit Team,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the donation of dog foodfrom Anifit Tierhilfe for our protégé Buffy.

It was phenomenal to see how within just 14 days (!) the perianal fistulas, which we had been treating with cortisone and antibiotics for months to no avail, had completely disappeared. I must honestly admit that I would not have thought it possible beforehand and was very sceptical. Buffy became fitter overall and her coat also looked very good. We were able to taper off the cortisone and she hasn't been on any medication for months.

At the same time, we also carried out an intestinal reorganisation with fructosan under the expert guidance of your consultant Birgit Hacker from Bückeburg. Buffy also had a very sensitive gastrointestinal tract and was prone to diarrhoea, which is why she couldn't go to the dog beach. Mrs Hacker was always on hand with help and advice and that helped us a lot as "first-time dog owners".

I am convinced that the change of diet to Anifit and the intestinal cleansing have improved Buffy's quality of life and her immune system so much and that she has coped so well with the tumour operation she had a week ago. 2 tumours that had degenerated had to be removed and the operation took 2.5 hours. Even the vet was worried about how she was going to get this old dog through the anaesthetic. But Buffy took it all in her stride. And we are happy and grateful for every day that she is still with us and doing well.

We have the feeling that Buffy knows that we are all doing our best for her, because she shows it to us every day with increasing cuddliness (which is not necessarily typical for a German shepherd) and gives us a lot of love and gratitude in her own way.

We are glad that we were able to get to know and appreciate Anifit in this way and will definitely stick with it and recommend these products to others at any time.

With kind regards and best regards

Petra Heckerodt and Buffy

October 2011

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