Easy Barf Chicken Hearts (Hühnerherzen) Chicken meat for raw feeding

Easy Barf Chicken Hearts (Hühnerherzen) 400g (1 Piece)
Easy Barf Chicken Hearts (Hühnerherzen) 400g (1 Piece)
Easy Barf Chicken Hearts (Hühnerherzen) 400g (1 Piece)
Easy Barf Chicken Hearts (Hühnerherzen) 400g (1 Piece)
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1 Piece, 400g
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With our Easy B.A.R.F. meat chunks you spare yourself the annoying effort of transporting and storing raw meat products. The freeze-dried meat chucks have a long shelf life, are easy to prepare and are rich in nutrients and vital substances.


Thanks to our special freeze-drying technology, the flavour, aroma and nutrients are optimally preserved, and the meat has a long shelf life.

Special features

  • Pure meat - quick and easy to prepare
  • Additive free
  • Extremely aromatic
  • Rich in nutrients and vital substances
  • Freshness guarantee


Open the pouch and pour warm water over the content. Use approx. 270 ml water for 100 g.  After about 10 minutes, stir the content and wait for 5 minutes.  Provide your dog with enough water with the dry food.



Chicken hearts

Ingredient profile

57.1 % pure protein, 35.8 % raw oils and fats, 0.9 % raw fibre, 6.0 % crude ash, carbohydrate n.a.

Natural vitamins and mineral content*)

  Unit Value
Sodium % 0,40
Potassium % 1,12
Magnesium % 0,07
Calcium % 0,02
Phosphorous % 0,75
Chloride % 0,44
Iodine mg/kg 0,34
Copper mg/kg 10,3
Iron mg/kg 135
Zinc mg/kg 82,5
Manganese mg/kg n.a.
Selenium mg/kg 1,2
Vitamin B1 mg/kg 5,3
Vitamin B2 mg/kg 39,8
Vitamin B6 mg/kg 8,7
Vitamin B12 µg/kg 28,9
Niacin mg/kg 221
Vitamin B7 µg/kg 714
Pantothenic acid mg/kg 60,0
Folic acid µg/kg 1.370
Vitamin D3 IE/kg 1.280
Vitamin E mg/kg 216
Vitamin K1 µg/kg n.a.
Vitamin C mg/kg 219
Vitamin A IE/kg 10.400

n.a. = below detectable levels

*) are subject to natural fluctuations

Feeding recommendation

Portion according to the amount of meat required. The dried weight corresponds to approx. one quarter of the weight before freeze-drying.


Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats
400g pouch

Weight before freeze-drying: approx. 1.6 kg

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