Weeping blisters

Kater Hugo

"I met my cat Hugo nine and a half years ago in a motorway car park. He no longer had an owner. We went to the vet because he wasn 't house-trained and was urinating everywhere. He also had weeping blisterson his lower lip, so he had an autoimmune disease. The vet also found tartar.

The vet wanted to give me a certain diet food to combat the struvite stones. I refused, as I had already worked with Anifit food as a consultant at the time, but I didn't have a cat yet.

Lo and behold, after a few weeks the small blisters dried up and fell off. After 8 months my cat was completely house-trained and we have never been to the vet for any illnesses since then. Only last year for a health check. Today he is probably 14 years old, has a beautiful coat, beautiful teeth and no more tartar, in fact, he is not even missing a single tooth! Every now and then he also gets a raw chicken wing.

Isn't that great proof of how important a healthy diet is?"

Helga Nahnsen - Vienna, 2/2015

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