Thanks to Gockel's duet, everything is great!

I switched my 14-year-old Labrador dog to her Gockels Duett variety in mid-October. She had considerable problems passing faeces as they became increasingly solid. After about 1 week of switching, this problem was solved immediately. Her faeces are just as they should be, not too soft and not too hard. Unfortunately, my dog has severe osteoarthritis and I tried a lot of medication to strengthen her muscles, but unfortunately nothing helped. By changing her food, her muscles have built up very well in a very short time, she walks much better and really has less pain as a result. We go to physiotherapy regularly and our therapist is very enthusiastic about the positive development. Her well-being has developed very positively, her coat has also changed for the better, it is shiny and my dog generally looks very good. She likes the wet food very much, I mix the potato flakes with it, she has tolerated the change very well despite her old age and sensitive stomach. It took us about 10 days to switch her over completely, she loves her food and can hardly wait. I am very happy that I switched to Anifit.

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