Rocky's success with ANIfit: Free from diarrhoea

After Easter, our Rocky had diarrhoea from one day to the next (3-4 weeks).
I had tried all sorts of things, and of course I had her faeces checked for worms etc. beforehand. Everything was fine.

Unfortunately, I can't take Rocky to the vet easily because she's not very nice to the vet.

I was already very desperate.
My last attempt was the Anifit food. I had read a report on the Internet which also told of a cat with diarrhoea that no longer had diarrhoea after the change of food. That gave me hope...

So I ordered the food conversion pack from Anifit. Fortunately, Rocky liked this food straight away. And what can I say?
The diarrhoea was gone the very next day.

I'm delighted and so is my cat.

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