Our experience report with the Anifit food

We got to know Anifit through a dear friend who has been a counsellor for years.

We had fallen head over heels in love with the Cocker Spaniel puppy and as the second dog in my life he was suddenly there. Without much pre-planning and after 13 years of dog experience, I suddenly started thinking about the dog's diet before he even moved in. Perhaps I wanted to do some things better than I had done twenty years ago with my first dog.

The breeder recommended and sold dry food. Through my contact with the Anifit nutritional counselling service, I had already learned beforehand how harmful dry food actually is for our pets and sought direct contact with the counsellor.

The first delivery of food arrived at the same time as the puppy. The changeover from dry food to Gockels Duett went without a hitch. Specially designed food conversion packs make it very easy.

The "piles" quickly changed in quantity, consistency and odour. I would like to say that I can now recognise how bad or good the food is from the droppings of other dogs. the food is.

When feeding and opening the cans, there are no unpleasant odours as I was used to in the past. The meat in the tin looks appetising and the potato powder looks so tasty that I tried it myself. I tried it myself. :-)

Our dog's coat is great. There is no bad breath and the vet doesn't even try to sell us a different food. Even the vet can't do better than Anifit.

No matter what problems have arisen so far, it's great to be able to consult a counsellor at any time. counsellor at any time.

A large 810 g tin is enough for about 3 meals.

We have now tried all the varieties of wet food - but have finally decided in favour of the Glockels Duett variety. It's easy on the stomach and our crumb just loves it.

A clear recommendation for the food! The somewhat expensive price should not put you off and will probably pay for itself over the years if dental diseases and kidney problems do not occur.

Delivery is fast and well packaged to the front door.

Thanks to my counsellor Anke Roski for her heart and soul, patience and time she invests in the counselling!

Greetings from the north

Andrea K. & family from Winsen (Luhe) with the crumb

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