Nala has become a lively and very energetic young dog

Dear Zintl family,

We wanted to write to you a long time ago, but have only now got round to it. Perhaps also because almost a quarter of a year has now passed and our young dog Nala, a lovely doodle girl, is free of diarrhoea and we have had to enjoy the time! About five months ago we started to change her food to Anifit. She reacted with severe diarrhoea and we thought it was due to the food. In the nice and competent conversations with you, we were at a loss as to why the diarrhoea kept recurring even after a long period of changing her food. An examination of the faeces revealed a giardia infestation. These parasites kept us busy for a long time, but with naturopathic medication, Anifit and sensitive counselling, Nala has become a lively and very vital young dog and has finally got rid of the giardia!

Best regards,
The Finndorf family with Nala

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