Luna (hair loss, severe itching and diarrhoea) (copy)





Dear Anifitteam,

Luna (a very beautiful female pug Maltese) came into my life on 5 January 2012. She is my soul mate and my best friend. In summer 2014, Luna and I moved to Mülheim an der Ruhr. My son was born in February 2015. Everything was fine, but suddenly Luna became very ill. Hair loss, severe itching and diarrhoea were the order of the day. She also no longer wanted to go for walks and refused her food. In addition, she began to limp badly. We were constantly taking her to the vet. I was worried sick about my little dog lady. The vet costs were a heavy burden for our little family, as we now also had a baby to look after. How was this all going to continue? One day, my partner suggested that we cut down a Christmas tree ourselves and we travelled to Frechen. There, by chance, we met Mrs Herrmann (Anifit specialist consultant and nutritionist) at a Christmas market stall. Since then, Mrs Herrmann has supported us in every way possible with her advice on Luna. We are infinitely grateful to her for this. Just a short time after Luna was given the Anifit dog food, the itching slowly subsided, she no longer had diarrhoea and Luna's severe hair loss was also a thing of the past. The little dog suddenly seemed lively, she enjoyed going for walks again and her great appetite returned. Luckily, we haven't taken Luna to the vet for over a year now; before we started feeding her Anifit dog food, we went to the vet almost every week. Our little darling is doing splendidly again. At that time I was completely desperate and now I am infinitely grateful that we have found a really high quality and, judging by her appetite, very tasty food for Luna. Anifit pet food is not cheap, but we no longer have high vet costs, which is another big plus in favour of Anifit pet food. Ordering the food is very simple and straightforward. All it takes is a phone call and the food is delivered straight to your home, which saves a huge amount of time. For some time now, Luna has even stopped limping and her coat looks splendid. I am convinced that the Anifit dog food is very good for Luna's little body in every respect. Luna has become healthy again and I would like to encourage other pet owners with this experience report, who may also be completely desperate out of concern for their pet, as I was at the time. Best regards from Mülheim from Luna, Annkathrin, Marc and Noel Ben (1 year old)

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