Kitty and Freddy really fit again thanks to ANIfit!





Dear Anifitteam,

About 9 years ago, our can opener picked us up as found baby cats from a rescue centre of the Heinsberg animal shelter. As we were separated from our mother at a very early age, we lacked many of our natural defences. We were often ill and Kitty even suffered from constant diarrhoea for almost a year. Even the special food from the vet didn't really help. Expensive, but not good! Kitty was also not enthusiastic about eating. When she was about four years old, Kitty was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her entire spine and could only walk around on three legs. The constant diarrhoea made its consequences visible... Freddy was diagnosed with a chronic heart defect at around 1.5 years old. As a result, he quickly became tired and unable to exercise. In 2012, his owner became aware of the Anifit stand at the industrial festival in Heinsberg. Our mistress has a technical profession and is therefore far from convinced by talking alone! Specialist literature was quickly recommended and a food test pack was passed on. Kitty, the "chief food picker", was immediately enthusiastic and left no caraway seeds in her bowl.

After just a few months, the miraculous health transformation of both cats began! Kitty was terribly proud to have finally caught her first mouse at the age of five. Today our can openers always laugh when we, Kitty and Freddy, run across the house into the garden and enjoy cat life to the full. Osteoarthritis, yes, yes! They had forgotten all about it! These are the moments that also convince our mum: Anifit food isn't just called that, it actually makes you "fit"! Thanks to Anifit, we have become two completely new cats and our mum is now telling every other dog and cat can opener to switch to Anifit food.

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