Frida loves it 1000% and most importantly, she gets full

Our Cavapoo dog of 8 months is very fussy and picky and suddenly refused all dry food when she was 7 months old.
I never wanted to feed her wet food because I didn't like the smell and the lack of meat and the composition. I have now been switching to Anifit wet food for 3 weeks and my conclusion is that she loves it 1000%.
-Frida loves it 1000% and the most important thing is that she is full
-Food changeover went without a hitch
-wet food smells pleasantly delicious
-Adding flakes, vegetable mix or similar is the perfect addition
Frida's output smells pleasant, which speaks in favour of a perfectly high-quality and natural composition of the food.
-Consultant Mrs Zintl is very knowledgeable and very friendly. She cares about animal welfare and is always happy to answer any questions.
All in all, I am extremely satisfied and if I could award 10 stars, I would.
I came to Anifit because of Frida's stubbornness.
Well, she just knows what she likes and, above all, what's good for her :)
Best regards

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