Emma (rumbling in the stomach, hair loss)



Dear Anifit Team,

I believe in fate - not just for me or for my husband or for all the people in the world, no, for animals too. That's how Emma, our mix of Labrador, Boxer and multicultural, came to us, through the TV monitor so to speak, like a bolt of lightning into my heart.

We got her from Poland in January of this year, disgraced, already recovered, but still with many deficits. And we continued to feed her with chunks of dry food, as the deliverer had signalled.
Many nights we heard growling in her tummy. Many times we took her out in the middle of the night. Then she ate lots of grass and vomited.

Because today I can convey our heartfelt thanks to you, dear Zintl's.
Emma is not only visibly happy when she eats, no, she no longer has any rumbling and rumbling in her tummy. She hardly eats any grass and has stopped vomiting. Her faeces are also visibly softer and thanks to the coat-building tablets her hair loss has rapidly decreased.

Everything takes time, and this recovery didn't happen from one day to the next.
With a little patience and ANIfit we managed it.

Thank you very much!

What she says or barks

Helga Meekel-Heinen
Wassenberg, September 2013

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