Chico and his cuddly and shiny fur!

Dear Anifit team,

After our beloved Birman tomcat Obelix died, we couldn't do without a cat for so long. We researched on the Internet, visited breeders and found Chico, a British longhair tomcat, by chance. As he had his home near us, we drove out to meet him on 2 August. We were shocked to find no toys, no scratching post, but a shaggy bundle of fur lying lethargically behind the television in the warmth.

I realised that I wanted to lovingly care for and nurture this furry friend in my home. I have been buying Anifit for many years and have had the best experiences. Chico devoured many tins of Anifit cat food in the first few weeks, completely starved.

Little by little, preferences for one type or another crystallised. I noticed that he frequently went to the litter tray and the Anifit consultant said that the cat was now detoxifying. And after about 3 months, Chico's faeces normalised.

His appearance became more and more beautiful, he got cuddly, shiny fur, shiny eyes and from an initial 3.8kg he has now grown to a proud 5.1kg. His behaviour has also changed: depending on his mood, he invites you to play, sharpens his claws on the scratching post or lazes around on the living room cupboard. Now I have also discovered the freeze-dried treats that Chico loves. Dear cat friends, the pictures of Chico speak volumes. Anifit really is the best cat food I know. I'm convinced that I can't give my darling anything better to eat and I'm delighted to have a healthy, beautiful, active British longhaired cat called Chico.

With kind regards

Kathrin Tiele

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