Amy finally has no more sores!

Dear Anifit team,

Our Amy came to us from Greece when she was 3 months old. To start with, we fed her dry puppy food from the pet shop. After 2 weeks we switched to Reiko Vital dry food. Gradually, our dog began to scratch and nibble frequently. In the end, so much so that she had open and bleeding spots. Sometimes even without fur. A torture for Amy and for us. The vet didn't know what to do. We had cortisone injections, anti-allergy medication, blood tests and leishmaniasis tests. It just didn't get any better. In the meantime, my daughter took part in a competition organised by Anifit and won a feast for Amy. Mrs Zintl came to the house and explained all the ingredients and their effects in dry food. Convinced by this, we immediately switched to Anifit. We fed her lamb with rice/potatoes/carrots 3 times a day for about 2 weeks. To support Power Gut and Coat Fit. The itching quickly subsided, the sores healed and Amy was no longer so lethargic. Today Amy no longer smells so bad either. Her coat is beautiful and shiny again. We are very happy that Amy is doing well again and we only have the changeover to Anifit to thank for that.

Many thanks for that

says the Volkstädt family and Amy

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