Kopfhaut Snacks aus 100% Fleisch

Kopfhaut 200g (1 Piece)
Kopfhaut 200g (1 Piece)
Kopfhaut 200g (1 Piece)
Kopfhaut 200g (1 Piece)
1 Piece, 200g
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Dried beef scalp is a great tasting way to clean your animal’s teeth.

Anifit offers a broad range of dry food products for dogs. They are low in calories and are usually not included in the amount of food required by the animal.

Through chewing the product – especially dried beef scalp – dental plaque is removed. It is ideal as a snack or for dental care. The gentle drying process with temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius kills germs and bacteria and ensures long product shelf life without preservatives.

Free of artificial additives, free of preservatives! Of course the meat is tested for BSE and FMD.


Bag of 200 grams